electric bike batteries

There are a few basic but important tips you can follow in order to keep your e-bike batteries in top condition.

Tip 1 – Batteries have an optimum operating temperature – around room temperature. So charge the battery indoors in very cold weather, and keep it indoors until the last second to keep the cells warm. Keep the battery indoors in colder weather and avoid storing them in direct sunlight.

Tip 2 – If you are riding all year round and often in subzero temperatures it could be worth getting a battery cover.

Tip 3 – All batteries will be damaged if persistently over-charged or over-discharged. Use the correct charger for your battery (in particular never use one that wasn’t specifically made for your battery). If you buy a good quality e-bike in the first place they are more likely to have reliable BMS (battery management system) units in the battery which also helps prevent over-charging and discharging.

Tip 4 – Don’t leave a lithium battery connected after it has achieved full charge.

Tip 5 – Be wary of cheaper batteries with suspiciously high claims for battery life and the number of charge cycles they will last, it may have been set close to the limits for under and over-charging which could lead to premature failure.

Tip 6 – Avoid vibration and shock to a battery through rough handling or careless treatment as this can lead to a shortened life too.

Tip 7 – Try to avoid storage as lithium batteries degrade slowly but surely over time whether used or not. If you do need to store a lithium battery for a period of months check what the maker’s recommended discharged state is for storage. For example LN Energy say that a charge status of approx 30 to 60% of full charge is recommended for their batteries and that they are ready for use when they come out of storage.