ebikes batteries types

The cases that we use can be divided into different groups depending on how they are placed on the bike, there are five types of batteries: Rack Batteries, Frame Batteries, Seat Tube Batteries, Seatpost Batteries, Multi-fit Batteries.

Rack Batteries

Comfortably convenient, on step-through models, the rack battery frees up space and allows the rider to mount and dismount safely. Available in multiple models at link Rack Batteries.

Frame Batteries

Sleek, sporty design for highest frame stability. When used as a frame battery, the battery sits close to the center of gravity of your e-bike to ensure optimal weight distribution. For more options refer to link Frame Batteries.

Seat Tube Batteries

Under this product category, the batteries are mounted on the seat tube of the bicycle. The seat tube batteries give better handling as the weight is kept low and central. The different models differ in performance, voltage ranges, and capacities, We offer a range of these bicycle batteries at page Seat Tube Batteries.

Seatpost Batteries

The Seatpost battery is attached to the seat post, i.e. mounted under the saddle of the bicycle. This option is for lighter batteries on lightly loaded bikes intended for more gentle riding. We offer a range of these bicycle batteries on page Seatpost Batteries.

Multi-fit Batteries

The multi-fit batteries are more flexible, as the batteries could be welding on any part of the e-bike frame, such as the front frame, seat post, etc. There two connection options, clipping, and welding. We offer a range of these e-bike batteries on pageĀ Multi-fit Batteries.