electric bike battery 20ah

Tip 1 – Try not to discharge the battery below 20%.

Deep discharge makes the battery too difficult to use and reduces its capacity in the future. A lithium battery starts to oxidize, which has a negative effect on capacity as well as battery life. In the case of switching off (e.g. in winter), it is recommended that the battery be fully charged at least once every 90 days.

Tip 2 – Do not charge the battery immediately after riding.

The battery should cool down before charging. If we start charging a heated battery, it will not be able to cool down at all, and degradation will be much faster.

Tip 3 – Do not fully charge the battery if it is not necessary.

When charging the battery above 80% of its capacity (around 40V), the internal resistance of the battery increases, the battery heats up more and this significantly accelerates the degradation process.

Tip 4 – Avoid extreme temperatures.

High temperatures and frost affect performance and shorten battery life. Never store the battery outside where it will be exposed to temperatures below 0ºC. Similarly, we recommend not storing the battery at temperatures above 30ºC. Furthermore, avoid long parking under direct sunlight.